Korean Air is First in World to Operate Both 747-8 and 777 Freighters

Balance, harmony, dynamic strength and a pioneering spirit. The symbol for Korean Air says it all. The colors and concept of Yin and Yang are taken from the South Korean national flag. The white shape between the red and blue represents a propeller in motion. Together, these elements convey the qualities of a world leader in aviation.

Korean Air’s performance over more than four decades clearly lives up to this powerful symbol. Following its innovative philosophy, Korean Air recently became the first airline in the world to operate both of Boeing’s newest cargo airplanes-the 747-8 and 777 Freighters. Each airplane is also a first for the airline’s fleet. The 747-8 Freighter will be used for major stops on the airline’s transpacific route, while the 777 Freighter will open new routes in Europe. In symbols and in fleet-planning, Korean Air understands the value of complementary relationships.