Lion Group Celebrates 100th Next-Generation 737

"This is an amazing moment for the Lion Group," said Lion Group President Director Rusdi Kirana. "We've grown from one airplane and today we're taking our 100th Next-Generation 737. It's an airplane that has allowed us to grow and be successful because of the low operating cost and passenger comfort."

Boeing joined the Lion Group to celebrate airline's 100th Next-Generation 737 delivery on Monday, November 4, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. The celebration event started off with traditional Indonesian dancers and culminated with Boeing employees giving a warm "thank you" in Bahasa Indonesia to the Lion Group. Lion Air, which was established in 1999, was also the launch customer for the 737-900ER. Lion Air mainline currently operates 67 737-900ERs and 19 737-800s. Congratulations to the Lion Group!

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