A TNT 777 Freighter? Sure we can!

TNT Express is known for its robust, “can do” spirit and attitude. The Netherlands-based global express services company operates a fleet of 50 aircraft, each sporting livery that includes the company’s motto, “sure we can.” Delivering “the orange customer experience” is serious business at TNT. So it’s not surprising that the company likes freighters with attitude.

Enter the 777 Freighter. It is the world’s largest, most capable twin-engine freighter — and cause for enthusiastic celebration recently at TNT and Guggenheim Aviation Partners. Both welcomed the delivery of their first 777 Freighter, with delivery to Guggenheim for lease to TNT.

TNT plans to use the new 777 Freighter on its long-haul routes between Europe and Asia since it flies farther than any other twin-engine freighter, and has the lowest trip cost of any large freighter. Can the 777 Freighter fit into the spirited working mentality of TNT? Sure it can.