Wild Goose Chase: Turkish Airlines Expands Range with Order for 15 777-300ERs

It’s hard to catch up with an airline that flies to more countries than anyone else. Having recently earned that distinction, Turkish Airlines is living up to its motto “Globally Yours.” It’s not surprising that the Turkish Airlines logo features a wild goose, nature’s only truly intercontinental traveler.

The list of international destinations will only get longer. Turkish Airlines is expanding its long-haul routes, and recently ordered 15 additional 777-300ERs, with options for five more. The new airplanes join the 12 777-300ERs already anchoring the airline’s long-haul operations. The airplane’s exceptional performance has proven ideal for strengthening Turkish Airline’s international market position. For airlines hoping to keep pace with the wild goose, the 777-300ER is undeniably worth a gander.