Boeing to Support United Airlines 787 Dreamliners with Component Services

Boeing announced on Oct. 12, 2015, a new services contract with United Airlines that is expected to reduce costs and increase efficiency for the airline by providing high-value, mission-critical rotable parts.

Boeing will support United Airlines’ entire fleet of 787 Dreamliners through its Component Services program under the 10-year agreement, enabling the airline to greatly reduce its inventory management costs while improving component availability. With the United agreement, Boeing has the largest 787 Component Services program in the industry.

Through its Component Services program, Boeing establishes and maintains a pool of rotable parts—parts designed to be repeatedly and economically restored to a fully serviceable condition—selected to fit each customer’s fleet needs. Customers work with Boeing for the quick replacement of program-covered parts, which are shipped within a timeframe determined by the airline, based on their criticality. Boeing handles the repair, upgrade or warranty service when the customer returns the unserviceable part.

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