Business Consulting

Consulting solutions for the aerospace industry

From crew planning to IT architecture, optimized airline operations perform better. And when customers need expert support, Boeing stand ready to make their airplanes and operations perform at their best.

Crew Planning

Crew Planning

Whether you are a start-up airline looking to optimize your crew planning from the start or a mature airline that wishes to improve crew usage or improve management control and forecasting, the Boeing team has a solution that’s right for you. Through our consulting engagements, we can improve crew productivity and efficiency through improved planning processes and optimization tools.

The Crew Planning practice offers the following consulting services:

  • Crew Planning and Process Improvements
  • Fatigue Management

Airline Operations

Airline Operations

Today’s competitive environment requires operating at peak efficiency and minimum cost. Boeing Business Consulting helps airlines sift through the operational noise to find and deploy the industry’s best practices—and then improve them. Our team, consisting of experienced Boeing, airline, and aviation industry professionals, has a proven track record of reducing airline operating costs. We couple best-in-class simulation, diagnostics, and analytics tools with our deep insight into global fleet data and regulations to benchmark your operation and identify opportunities for improvement. But we don’t stop there. Once those opportunities are identified, we respect your unique strengths and in-depth knowledge to build and implement cost-effective programs that grow your financial bottom li

The Airline Operations practice offers the following consulting services:

  • Operational Strategy
  • Disruption Management
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Airport Operations

Information Technology

IT and Cyber Security

Airline operations stand to benefit from rapid technology changes onboard aircraft, at the gate, and in data centers. Information Technology (IT) departments have joined forces with the avionics and engineering departments to provide secure end-to-end solutions. The Boeing team of business consultants have thorough understanding of emerging technologies and the expertise in IT, avionics, engineering, and information security to accelerate airline growth through strategic technology initiatives.

The Information Technology practice offers the following consulting services:

  • Information Security
  • Mobility
  • E-enabling
  • System Integration
  • IT Solutions
  • Analytics