Flight Optimization

Boeing and subsidiary Jeppesen have a suite of flight optimization services that provide a wide range of benefits for your operation throughout all phases of flight.


Jeppesen’s FliteDeck Pro application is a complete paper navigation replacement solution. It delivers current navigational data to a tablet device using the smallest data footprint available in the industry.

Electronic Flight Bag Applications

The Boeing suite of Electronic Flight Bag solutions is focused on improving your operational performance by bringing the technological advances of digital information delivery and management to the airplane flight deck. They deliver integrated solutions for managing information in the air and on the ground.

    Flight Planning

    Jeppesen’s JetPlanner is the flight planning engine that uses a unique fuel/cost/time index to generate reliable optimized routes.

    Inflight Optimization Services

    Receive real-time wind, weather and traffic data based on current conditions and uplinked directly to your aircraft. Optimize step-climbs, cruise altitudes, descents and early transitions to save time and fuel.

    Inflight Optimization Services provide real-time information to airlines and their flight crews. This allows for adjustments to be made en route to optimize for current weather information and air traffic conditions.