Maintenance and Engineering

It’s your fleet, but we’ll keep it flying

We keep customers apprised of the latest fleet information, help maintain the fleet and provide engineering support, whether it’s to schedule and track a maintenance program or prepare an airplane for a new mission.

Maintenance Manuals

Maintenance Manuals

A wide variety of maintenance manual services

Whether you’re adding previously owned airplanes to your fleet or changing a current airplane configuration, we can help unify maintenance processes, simplify procedures and cut research time.

We can consolidate maintenance manuals for safe and efficient operations, incorporate airline-authored information into customer maintenance manuals or provide digital versions of printed manuals.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Manuals

Scheduled Maintenance programs are an integral part of an airline’s successful operation. They ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective airplane performance. Boeing works with operators and regulatory agencies to develop and continuously improve scheduled maintenance programs for its commercial fleet to help ensure the highest safety and operational reliability levels.

Reliability Analysis

Maintenance Manuals

Extracting maximum value from routine maintenance data.

Boeing will analyze data gathered throughout your maintenance organizations to determine the causes of recurrent equipment problems, planning issues, scheduling conflicts and procedural difficulties.

Boeing helps customers develop customized reliability programs that will:

  • Meet FAA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminate redundant and ineffective maintenance practices.
  • Reduce no-fault-found occurrences.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs.
  • Reduce maintenance and down time.
  • Increase airplane availability.
  • Reduce time from problem identification to corrective action.

Scheduled Maintenance Analytics

Maintenance Manuals

Scheduled maintenance program analysis and improvements

Knowing the ideal intervals for scheduled maintenance programs help airlines maintain a safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation. Understanding these intervals also minimizes airplane out-of-service time due to scheduled maintenance program requirements.

Boeing works with operators and regulatory agencies for continuous analysis and improvement of fleet maintenance programs. These analysis and improvements are based on an operator’s performance data, representing every aspect of airplane maintenance lifecycle. Continuous comprehensive data analysis and improvement contribute to higher levels of safety and reliability with reduction in overall maintenance cost.

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Manuals

Advanced training for tomorrow’s technicians

Effective maintenance training is key to successful airline operations. Boeing offers the world’s most comprehensive and flexible maintenance training. Boeing training programs are designed and conducted with Boeing expertise and personnel, ensuring maximum airplane knowledge transfer to technicians. Maintenance training courses can be tailored to an airline’s exact specifications and delivered at any suitable location worldwide or offered on a per-seat basis throughout our global network of training campuses.