Parts Support

More than just parts, Boeing is a comprehensive support provider

Boeing offers technical expertise on a broad range of spares issues, such as part interchangeability and substitutions. If unanticipated events put an airplane out of service, Boeing is ready to dispatch the help that’s needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — anywhere in the world.

For our customers’ convenience, Boeing stocks a tooling inventory designed to support repair or service bulletin requirements. It’s not necessary to purchase tools—we will rent them to our customers.

For example, if a new engine needs to be installed quickly and to the highest quality standards. Boeing has the expertise to support the installation with our Quick Engine Change kits, using OEM parts. The build-up process is certified by Boeing quality standards.

24x7x365 Support

All day, every day, anywhere in the world: If the unanticipated happens, we'll be there to help get our customers' airplanes flying again.

When an airplane is disabled, we stand ready to help return it to service, wherever it happens to be. Our experts are available 24/7 to support our customers. We have a long track record of reacting swiftly to any customer need, including an aircraft-disabling incident. We work to repair the aircraft to as-new condition as quickly as possible, using Boeing data and expertise while providing total customer support.

We handle diagnosis, repairs, logistics, parts procurement, warranty and certification issues, and more. Our goal is to get Boeing airplanes back in the air with as little disruption to schedules as possible and to streamline our customer communication with all departments of Boeing and regulatory agencies.


First Responder
First Responders are available 24/7/365, so they'll always be available when they're needed to provide assistance with order status and schedules, part quotes, shipping issues and part return requests.

Service Ready Support

Customers determine how much to spend on spares, which parts are necessary and quantities of each part required. Spares Engineering and Provisioning Services make those choices easier.

Boeing works with the airline to develop a comprehensive spare parts list that's customized to its fleet. We also offer technical expertise on a broad range of spares solutions, including part interchangeability and substitutions.

In addition, Boeing creates a provisioning schedule so customers receive parts as their maintenance plan requires them. That's another aspect of Boeing Support and Services.

Direct Access & PART Page

Customer access to information to support their fleet

The award-winning Boeing PART Page makes it easy to manage the procurement process. It makes real-time data such as part inventories, prices, part interchangeability, request for quotes and purchase order status readily available to customers. The system is simple and can be accessed by any authorized Boeing customer. Security safeguards allow customers to specify the level of personnel authorized to place or view orders. The service is free to Boeing customers and may be accessed either directly or through

Entry Into Service

The Boeing Parts Solutions team supports airline customers receiving new model or derivative aircraft by providing information about provisioning and assisting in establishing an inventory of Boeing Proprietary parts that are appropriate to support their operational needs.

Our Provisioning Services team works closely with the airline to understand operating requirements well before the airplane is delivered. A recommended spare parts list (RSPL) and documents containing information about standards, bulk materials, engine parts and more are developed as references for ordering the parts and materials needed to operate the new airplane.

To support daily operations, the Parts Solutions team evaluates the airline's potential needs and stocks the Boeing Proprietary parts anticipated to be required. Control surfaces and other larger assemblies are included in a pool of lease parts available to airlines to install on an airplane in the event an assembly is damaged and needs to be removed for repair. Additionally, specialized parts for landing gear and engine components are identified, procured, and made available for airlines to purchase.