Boeing has both the expertise and the technical knowledge to tailor a solution that complements our customers’ business strategy with expendable, rotable, repairable and consumable parts.

We’re committed to keeping airplanes flying. That’s why we have created a broad range of services for our customers. We provide cost savings by positioning high-value leasable assets around the world, and we offer a service that manages component repairs with OEM parts.

As fleets age, it becomes more difficult to obtain parts in the marketplace. Boeing has dedicated support for out-of-production airplanes and parts. We also provide customers with access to the aftermarket for a greater breadth of resources to locate hard-to-find parts. From single transactions to supply chain management, Boeing provides the right part, at the right place, at the right time.

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Genuine Boeing Parts: Buy, Lease, Repair, Tool

Technical expertise from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Only genuine Boeing parts give our customers the quality assurance of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Genuine Boeing proprietary parts are designed, engineered and tested to meet the highest quality to deliver the best level of aircraft dispatch reliability. Customers can be assured that when they receive parts from Boeing, those parts will meet industry-leading quality standards.

Genuine Boeing proprietary parts are those for which Boeing owns the engineering drawings. These parts, available for both in- and out-of-production aircraft, are built in accordance with Boeing's quality system and come with full traceability documentation.

Our OEM part kits are packaged to each customer's request, or to meet service bulletin requirements. As part of our commitment, we have the capability to quickly manufacture select, hard-to-find parts. Our parts come with the best warranty in the business and are backed by more than 100 years of Boeing innovation

In addition, of the nearly 11,000 airplanes around the world, more than half are no longer in production. If a customer needs a part for one of these out-of-production airlines, the Boeing Emergent Build Center with its highly skilled team offers rapid response fabrication for these out-of-production parts.

Serviceable & Surplus Parts on PART Page Marketplace

Provides customers with greater access to Boeing surplus spares to meet their spare parts requirements.

New surplus parts—Customers can order parts for all Boeing airplane models from a substantial inventory of new and surplus parts. All program surplus parts retain their FAA conformance or Boeing production certification.

Overhauled and serviceable parts—We also provide additional Boeing inventory that has been overhauled and brought into serviceable condition to further expand the selection and price range of parts. The inventory includes trace documentation of part history.

A Good Harvest


Boeing Global Services gets the most from out-of-service aircraft by harvesting used parts

Boeing is now managing the end-to-end process of its Used Serviceable Materials (USM) business.

What that means: For years, Boeing relied solely on third parties to manage our USM business. Not anymore.

  • USM reduces costs for Boeing customers and supports a growing market.
  • Aircraft retirement is an excellent source for USM that can be used to support customer demand for parts. Boeing typically harvests 2,500 parts of each teardown with an option to harvest more than 6,000 parts from a single aircraft depending on the needs of the customer.

Boeing acquires aircraft for USM through multiple avenues. In addition to teardowns, Boeing is also sourcing parts through consignment and brokering.

  • Boeing Global Services is focusing on generating a robust pipeline to service parts in order to meet our customers' demands regardless of platform or manufacturer.

Key quote: “Used Serviceable Material plays a key role in supporting our customers’ needs by working in conjunction with new parts sales. Through this capability we are giving our customers increased choice and flexibility to find a tailored solution that suits their specific need.” – John Brooks, senior manager for Boeing’s used serviceable materials (USM) business.

777 Teardown Equals a Good Harvest

Landing Gear Parts Solutions

Landing gear shipset and major component sales provide a comprehensive solution for purchasing a new, fully OEM-certified shipset of landing gear as well as components and support parts.

Through this service, customers receive:

  • Landing gear that is customized to customer specifications and ready to install
  • Stocked components and supporting parts available to ship within 24 hours
  • Parts supported from a global distribution network
  • Access to Boeing OEM knowledge, parts and technical support
  • OEM original parts
  • Inventory that is available to support all Boeing models

Landing Gear Exchange Program—A proven, economical landing gear solution. The Boeing Landing Gear Exchange Program is a single source for landing gear overhaul and exchange requirements through our global network of service providers. Boeing’s landing gear programs provide total inventory and engineering support that help prolong the life and enhance the quality of the Boeing fleet with no capital investment required.


Boeing supplies a fully overhauled and certified landing gear shipset from committed pools of landing gear assets that meet or exceed the customer’s current configuration. We use a worldwide network of approved MRO suppliers backed by the Boeing Quality Management System and a three-year warranty for all parts and labor.

We save our customers money by offering these benefits at no additional charge:

  • Access to Boeing technical expertise, data and OEM product knowledge
  • All in-warranty service bulletins
  • On-site support for both the exchange and aircraft support
  • Exclusive use of OEM parts to ensure landing gear integrity

Landing Gear Parts & Solutions

Aviation Parts & Aftermarket Services

Aviation Parts & Aftermarket Services

Boeing’s global distribution network is a leading solutions provider of after-market supply chain and logistics services for the aerospace and defense industries.

Boeing markets and distributes products for more than 240 manufacturers and lists millions of catalog items from customer service centers around the world. We work hard to supply our customers with exactly what they need, precisely when they need it.

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Global Product Distribution

Worldwide locations for timely service and flexible logistics planning

When customers need parts or services, they can't afford to wait for global shipping. That's why Boeing operates the aviation industry's most comprehensive spare parts sales and distribution network, covering more than 500,000 types of parts.

Boeing distribution centers are strategically positioned around the world and linked by advanced digital systems to ensure prompt spare parts delivery. Up-to-the-minute inventory information is available on demand to keep Boeing fleets operating at optimum productivity.

Through our distribution network, we can help facilitate logistics management. Our customers have the option to specify distribution locations for parts shipments. This gives them the opportunity to optimize transit time, minimize shipping costs and reduce the carbon footprint of parts delivery.

Supply Chain and Logistics Services

We know that a one–size–fits–all approach to business usually doesn't work. That's why we develop solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Our entire business is organized to be flexible and responsive to customers' needs. We are innovative in many ways: our leading technology solutions‚ our one-of-a-kind customer service center network‚ our product and maintenance training programs‚ our highly trained and friendly sales and customer service people‚ our continuously growing market basket of products‚ and our frequent promotional programs.

Our website and our customer service centers were designed to make it easier for our customers to do business in the way they want to.

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Chemical and Battery Services, Wheels and Brakes, Kitting

Chemical & Battery Services, Wheels & Brakes, Kitting

Chemical Management

Aerospace chemicals present a series of problems to operators that are outside the normal business of aircraft maintenance. Ordering the correct product‚ storing and maintaining the correct inventory levels‚ monitoring shelf-life and reporting emissions are all issues that take time and money away from the bottom line. Boeing can help make these processes easier and less expensive.

Battery Management

The aircraft battery is an electrical system's last line of defense. Boeing's global network of NiCd and Lead Acid Battery Service Centers utilize the most current technology and OEM parts to provide deep cycles‚ top charges, regular checks‚ repairs and overhauls. Striving to make the airlines battery maintenance program successful and worry free. Boeing's battery shops are available 24\7\365 and are ready to meet AOG requirements with a stock of batteries for any need.

Wheels and Brakes

Boeing's Wheel and Brake repair stations provide options to help manage airlines' wheel-and-brake programs. Boeing provides a pool of more than 2,000 of the highest-quality exchange brakes available on the market. Genuine OEM parts and a full overhaul in accordance with the CMM provides confidence and reliability.


Boeing offers inventory solutions to enhance fleet value and support maintenance requirements with convenience kits, filter and customized non-engineered kits and service bulletin kits. An example of a non-engineered kit is the Quick Engine Change (QEC), packaged by task to efficiently build up a spare engine to a service-ready condition.