Products, people and partnerships advance Boeing’s sustainable future

2019 Global Environment Report illustrates a world of progress

June 05, 2019 in Our Environment, Environment

From building the most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market to finding a creative second life for excess carbon fiber, innovations, new technologies and worldwide environmental initiatives are driving Boeing’s progress toward a more sustainable future.

Several efforts aimed at elevating Boeing’s environmental performance take place right here in Washington. For instance, a key global partnership with a UK-based recycler, ELG Carbon Fibre, will keep out of landfills over one million pounds of excess cured carbon fiber composite from Boeing’s Composite Wing Center in Everett, WA. In turn, the effort helps Boeing’s overall Global 2025 Environmental Goals to reduce by 20% solid waste to landfill by 2025.

Local support and development of sustainable fuels are other ways Boeing leads the global aviation industry in emissions reductions. Earlier this year, Boeing started offering customers the option of using biofuel on delivery flights from the Renton and Everett delivery centers in Washington State.

“We are committed to cleaner water, air and land, and this report highlights the wide range of efforts surrounding Boeing’s environmental stewardship” said Bryan Scott, vice president of Environment, Health & Safety.

“At Boeing, we do more than think about the future. We engineer it, we solve its problems and we build it every day to become an environmental leader not only in the aerospace industry but a positive force for change in Washington and around the world.”

Boeing’s 2025 environment strategy is a roadmap to a more sustainable future and the aspiration to be the best in aerospace and an enduring global industrial champion. This focus includes operational targets for reducing by 2025, greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, water consumption and solid waste to landfill by 20%, energy use by 10% and hazardous waste by 5%.

These stories, and others, are highlighted in Boeing’s 2019 Global Environment Report out this week for World Environment Day.

By Holly Braithwaite

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