767 program ups rate to meet freighter demand

Reaching for the spars: First wing spar at new 3-airplanes-a-month rate is loaded

August 16, 2019 in Our Commitment

Wing spars for the first 767 to be built at the rate of three airplanes a month were loaded in the factory in late July.

The rate increase from 2.5 to three airplanes a month is driven in particular by growing global demand for freighters, according to Boeing market forecasts.

At the Everett, Washington factory, Hoang, an automated spar assembly tool operator in 767 Wing Majors, helped load the first spar.

“The (767) team is excited to build more airplanes,” he said. “It means our customers trust us to do good work.” Teams have been preparing the factory with new tooling, more efficient processes and innovative ideas since Boeing announced the rate increase last year.

Bruce Dickinson, 747/767 vice president and general manager, said, “Everyone on the team has an important role to play. We’re all keenly focused on safety and quality with each airplane we build and delivering them to our customers on time.”

According to Boeing’s most recent World Air Cargo Forecast, the world’s freighter fleet is expected to grow by more than 75% over the next 20 years, with air cargo traffic expected to more than double. E-commerce in particular is boosting demand.

By Michael Barber and Shaniqua Manning Muhammad