Encouraging cooperation through 'rivalry' in Boeing Apple Cup

The Boeing Apple Cup Series includes all men’s and women’s sports matchups between the University of Washington and Washington State University athletes.

November 29, 2018 in Our Community

Plunging temperatures and piles of snow did nothing to chill the enthusiasm of tens of thousands of fans that turned out for the 2018 Boeing Apple Cup football game in Pullman, Wash.

Boeing has long been a sponsor of the historic football matchup. A year into its expanded Boeing Apple Cup Series -- which includes sponsorship of all of men’s and women’s sporting matchups between the University of Washington (UW) and Washington State University (WSU) -- both the company and universities are seeing the fruits of their labor blossom.

“Boeing’s sponsorship means everything to the community. It helps them understand that we give back to the community,” said Dallas Scholes, a Materials Management fulfillment employee who attended the game. “It’s a positive force that allows us to bring the next employees into the company.”

Andres Jaquez, a Finance analyst in Frederickson was glad more students can now participate in the series.

“Boeing really wants participate in many aspects of community development and development of the students.” he said. “So, the Boeing Apple Cup Series is not just the football program, but really represents all the sports and athletics students participate in.”

Boeing employs thousands of graduates from both schools, and several days before the game, students, interns, and recent hires with ties to both schools participated in a networking luncheon at the UW.

“I can tell that they’re (Boeing) just really invested in the students,” said UW junior Kerri Lee, a Computer Science student. “They’re advancing opportunities for people who are in college and kind of demonstrating what opportunities that they have to offer students like me.”

“It’s pretty neat that Boeing can put on an event like this where you can meet people that are interning or going through the same major as you,” said WSU junior Gorav Singh, a civil engineering major who just landed an internship at Boeing.

At the game, it was impossible to ignore Boeing’s huge role -- from thousands of fans wearing Boeing Apple Cup scarves to Boeing executives involved in major moments. Executives Todd Zarfos and Craig Bomben, graduates of UW and WSU respectively, supervised the pre-game coin toss and assisted in awarding the Apple Cup trophy to the UW following its 28-15 victory.

By Davis Wahlman and Deborah Feldman