Nearly $600 million of bonuses to be paid to Boeing employees in Washington state

Largest bonus payout in company history

February 06, 2018 in Commercial

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Boeing employees have earned the largest bonus payout in company history. In the coming weeks, employees across Washington state will receive bonuses totaling nearly $600 million.

The large payouts reward employees for helping Boeing deliver a record number of commercial airplanes and reach new highs in other categories in 2017.

“This just shows us that when we all work together, we can’t be beat,” said Kevin McAllister, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “When we all work to drive safety, quality, flow and productivity, we all share in the value.”

Much of the nearly $600 million will be injected into Washington’s economy. Some interesting purchases employees could make with the nearly $600 million include:

  • Nearly 400 million Costco hotdog/soda combos
  • Over 283 million pounds of Washington apples
  • 3 million rides on the Seattle Great Wheel
  • 48,600 years of tuition at a Washington public college or university
  • 25,300 new cars, such as a compact SUV

The bonuses will be distributed in employee paychecks in February and March.

Boeing offers incentive plans to attract, retain and reward employees while encouraging them to help Boeing become a stronger company in its second century.