Focused on their future: Boeing interns take center stage

Boeing interns celebrate the possibilities on National Intern Day

July 25, 2019 in Our Commitment

Driving back home from Washington State University one day in May, 21-year-old Logan Dickman was eager and ready for the summer of his dreams.

Dickman had just landed an internship with Boeing, a company he has admired ever since he could remember, and he was pumped to get started.

“I’ve always idolized Boeing’s impressive history” said Dickman, a Construction Management intern at the Developmental Center in Tukwila, Washington. “To have the opportunity to join the team and become part of Boeing was very humbling.”

Internships at Boeing allow students or recent graduates to be part of a team that’s building the future of aerospace, and to gain real world experience.

So, what exactly does a day in a life of a Boeing intern look like?

On Megan Dolan’s second day as an intern in the Electronic Systems Design Center, she participated in an engineering cab session to check out a flight simulator in a test laboratory.

“I got to learn about the different functions in the flight deck and even practice landing a 777 in the simulator,” said Dolan

Beyond their day-to-day assignments, Boeing offers interns a range of events to experience. Intern groups can take factory tours to check out the commercial airplane hubs in Everett and Renton, and there are numerous off-site events where interns are able to connect and network with one another.

Ellinor Allen-Hatch is spending her second summer with Boeing as a Supply Chain Operations intern in Renton. She goes into the office every day knowing that she will be working as a procurement agent on a team working with a key Boeing supplier.

“The coolest thing I experienced during my internship was that I able to go to the delivery center and walk on the planes that were being prepared for final delivery,” she said.

Through many intern events held during the summer, interns have been able to connect with people throughout the company.

“I’ve learned to build new relationships through networking at every given opportunity – the only bad kind of networking is the conversation that didn't happen” said Connor Applegate, a project administrator with Facilities and Asset Management in Tukwila, Washington.

With the end of his internship looming, Dickman will soon head back to Pullman, Wash. to finish his fourth and final year at Washington State University. But he’ll be taking back the lessons learned through experience – as well as classic office jokes he shares with his co-workers and the strong relationships he has built.

Not all Boeing interns work directly with customers or engineers. Some, like this reporter who is currently a Communications intern at Boeing, look towards a future that involves other skills and departments. Assignments for me vary from highlighting and supporting local sponsorships, to airplane delivery events, to producing stories for today, National Intern Day – all with an eye towards developing critical skills for my future!

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By Tanya Nguyen