Pacific Science Center

June 22, 2015 in Our Partners

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is proud to the call the Puget Sound home. We are also proud to partner with more than 200 non-profit organizations in Washington whose mission is improve and enhance the lives of people who live in this state.

Pacific Science Center is one of those many partners whose work is making a difference. “When we think about how important being science-literate is, for being an informed citizen of this country, it’s very important that people understand the ‘what’ questions about what happens in our natural and human-made world, and also the ‘why’ questions,” says Ann McMahon, vice president at Pacific Science Center.

“This allows people to make informed decisions about policies and laws that may be put in front of them to vote. So we consider ourselves a key resource in helping to create science-literate citizens who will guide us into future generations.”

We invite you to learn more about Pacific Science Center in this short video.