Reach Out and Read

October 07, 2015 in Our Partners

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is proud to the call the Puget Sound home. We are also proud to partner with more than 200 non-profit organizations in Washington whose mission is to improve and enhance the lives of people who live in this state.

Reach Out and Read is one of those many partners whose work is making a difference. “Reach Out and Read is a program that happens when you come in for your regular Well Child checkups,” explains Dr. Jill Sells, a pediatrician and also Executive Director of Reach Out and Read. “If I were taking care of a family who brought in their 6 month old baby for a regular checkup, I would lead that visit with a book – a brand new children’s book that’s a gift to the family. And I would use that book during the visit to model for the family how you read to a six month old and what that means. And every time you came in for a checkup from six months through five years, I would repeat that with a new age appropriate book and teach you how to do that at each age of your child’s development.”

We invite you to learn more about Reach Out and Read in this short video.