April 04, 2016 in Our Partners

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is proud to the call the Puget Sound home. We are also proud to partner with more than 200 nonprofit organizations in Washington whose mission is to improve and enhance the lives of people who live in this state.

RP/6 – a nonprofit serving military families and veterans – is one of those many partners whose work is making a difference. "As we transition out of the military after many years of service, we have amassed this amazing talent and skills and experience that are so valuable. However, it can be a challenge to translate those skills into what a business needs to understand so that they're willing to bring us into their team," says Anne Sprute, the founder and CEO of RP/6.

"Having a rally point (RP) is so critical because it brings together the businesses and community resources to have conversations and dialogue with those service members and family members to better understand that talent pool and those skills… and how we can bring them in as a stimulus to our economy."

We invite you to learn more about RP/6 in this short video.