Boeing employees honor those who serve at events around Puget Sound

Saluting those who serve from Everett to Auburn

November 14, 2019 in Our Community

Boeing’s legacy of support to veterans in the workplace and the community was on vivid display at numerous Veterans Day activities across Puget Sound this month. Events ranged from Everett to Renton to Auburn and covered all work shifts.

Special guests at events held at Boeing’s Everett facility included World War II veterans Loren Kissick, who served in the European Theatre in the Battle of the Bulge, and Henry Chamberlain, who served in the Pacific Theatre including Bataan, Philippines. Both were accompanied by family members.

Asked why it was important for him to be at Boeing to commemorate Veterans Day, Mr. Chamberlain replied, “I remember the B-29. When it landed and I saw the doors open, I knew all heck was about to break loose and something good was going to happen.” 

Commercial Airplanes Chief of Staff Flo Groberg, a Medal of Honor recipient, provided keynote remarks and spoke at multiple events from Everett, to Renton to Auburn. Boeing’s community involvement and veteran relationships were also on display with guests from Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Naval Base Kitsap as well as members of the Marysville School District JROTC, which conducted a presentation of colors ceremony.

Boeing teammates from across Puget Sound participated in various ways. Everett employee Rachael Gouras sang the Star Spangled Banner at several events, members of the Boeing Veterans Engagement Team (BVET) were highlighted, and Supply Chain Manager Nate Cantiberos, who represented the Marine Corps., served in a color guard.

Asked for his thoughts about the approach Boeing was taking to recognize veterans, Tom Sparks, a procurement agent in Supply Chain and former merchant marine responded, "Fantastic, such an honor and a privilege to be a part of this event. I love WW II history and getting the opportunity to share that with Boeing employees.”

Summing up a very full and reflective day, Groberg offered a parting thought. "Today made me so proud to be a Boeing employee. Boeing is a company that always recognizes its heroes.”

By Terrance Scott