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The new Boeing Aerospace & Autonomy Center advances the development of next-generation aircraft and the enabling technologies that allow for safe, autonomous flight. Boeing subsidiary, Aurora Flight Sciences, will operate the 100,000 square foot center. It will be located in a new 17-floor building in Kendall Square on the east side of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. Currently, Aurora is working on aerospace autonomy at its existing research and development center in Kendall Square. Once complete, Boeing and Aurora engineers will move into the new facility in Cambridge, MA in 2020.

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We are innovators, engineers and explorers reimagining the future of autonomous flight


What We Do


Aurora Flight Sciences is now hiring engineers for its current Kendall Square office and the new Boeing Aerospace & Autonomy Center. Our team is relentless, talented, and focused on producing the most innovative aerospace technologies possible. We are looking for people just as energetic, innovative, and excited about building the future of aerospace as we are. If you join Aurora, you will:

  • Advance decision-making autonomy algorithms and architectures
  • Use deep learning to develop safe, reliable autonomous systems
  • Design advanced, integrated propulsion airframe vehicles
  • Create turbo electric and fully electric aircraft that result in clean and quiet transportation
  • Develop revolutionary clean sheet aircraft designs
  • Design technologies that enable integration of autonomous vehicles into the National Airspace
    –And more.

Technology areas

From advanced decision-making algorithms, to human-machine interaction design, to cutting edge machine learning applications, we are working across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of traditional aerospace engineering.

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Feature Stories

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Bringing Flight Closer to Home

July 17, 2018 in Innovation, Technology

This video outlines how Boeing's emerging technology development will come together with digital systems to ensure autonomous and piloted air vehicles safely coexist.

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Heavy lifter: Boeing reveals new design concept of Cargo Air Vehicle

Heavy lifter: Boeing reveals new design concept of Cargo Air Vehicle

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It's a glimpse into the future of on-demand air deliveries. Boeing HorizonX revealed its new design concept of the Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV).

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Unlocking the Future of Flying

Unlocking the Future of Flying

January 10, 2018 in Innovation, Technology

Watch Boeing's new cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype take flight: The 747-pound multi-copter will create new possibilities for efficient, autonomous flying cargo vehicles.

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Unmanned, Unmatched, Unleashed: Boeing and Aurora join to accelerate autonomy

Unmanned, Unmatched, Unleashed: Boeing and Aurora join to accelerate autonomy

November 8, 2017 in Technology

Boeing closes the deal to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences.

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