Cabin surfaces

Keeping the airplane virus-free includes disinfecting surfaces throughout the cabin and flight deck. We have distributed guidance to our airline partners on the proper airplane disinfectant products and procedures. And we continue to validate new approaches.

Keeping you and flight crew safe

Keeping you and flight crew safe

Thinking of the surfaces you touch

On the way to your seat, you'll come into contact with multiple surfaces in the cabin. And your flight crew will touch these and more. We took all of this into account when testing and selecting the disinfectants that we recommend to our airline partners.

Keeping you and flight crew safe

Creating a comprehensive approach

After carefully evaluating data for 20 disinfectants and referring to guidance from public health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we approved seven disinfectants and detailed the best ways to safely use them.

Keeping you and flight crew safe

Helping airlines keep you safe

We share our comprehensive recommendations with all of our airline partners as they focus on creating the safest travel experience for you. This is an ongoing effort as we continue to work together closely, sharing best practices, the latest information and newest advances.

New technology and research about cabin surfaces

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