Face Coverings FAQ

Employees, contractors, suppliers, and visitors are required to wear face coverings at all U.S. Boeing locations, unless alone in a closed door space or when eating and drinking, provided physical distancing is maintained. 

Employees are encouraged to bring and wear their own face coverings. Face coverings will be provided to employees if they don't have one.

Employees who bring and wear their own face coverings into the workplace should ensure that they meet the following Boeing guidance:

  • Safety is paramount. Face coverings should not create safety hazards as you are performing your job.
    • Masks and face coverings cannot be left dangling or loose working around mechanized equipment where they may cause an entanglement hazard.
    • Masks and face coverings with flammable or combustible material cannot be used if the user is exposed to flame or electric-arc hazards.
  • Security. Employees need to ensure the face covering doesn't conceal their face completely. In order to properly identify employees entering the facility, security officers may request that the employee temporarily lower their face covering so as to make a proper identification to gain entry to the site.
  • Appropriateness. Face coverings must be workplace appropriate. Do not wear any face coverings that may be offensive.

Procedural Masks and Respirators

Boeing is making the best use of available procedural masks and respirators by concentrating use as follows:

  • Procedural masks for employees performing work where physical distancing cannot be maintained for extended durations;
  • Respirators (filtering facepiece respirators, such as N95s, or half facepiece respirators) for specific tasks, including first responders, flight training centers, and for employees who perform deep cleaning in areas where an employee suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 had been working.

The use of face coverings is just one part of Boeing's strategy to keep our employees safe and healthy. Employees are encouraged to continue taking additional steps to self-check their temperature prior to coming to work, stay home if they are feeling ill or are showing any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, etc.), practice physical distancing on Boeing premises and practice good hygiene as recommended by the CDC. We also perform enhanced cleaning of high touch, high traffic areas in the workplace.

Employees with concerns are encouraged to speak with their managers. We will continue to evaluate the evolving guidance from the CDC, World Health Organization and other public health authorities regarding appropriate preventative measures.

Q: What if I don't want to wear a face covering or mask at a U.S. Boeing site?

A: The health and safety of our employees, their families and our communities is a top priority. These policies are being put in place to help keep the virus from spreading. All employees and visitors to Boeing sites are expected to follow Boeing policy, and failure to do so could result in disciplinary action.

Q: Will the same policy apply to employees working at Boeing subsidiaries?

A: Subsidiary employees will be provided with the same Boeing guidance and are encouraged to work with their Boeing business unit partners to determine next steps.

Q: Will suppliers, contractors, customers and other visitors be asked to bring face coverings when they enter Boeing premises?

A: Yes. Suppliers, contractors, customers and other visitors will be required to wear a face covering when visiting U.S. Boeing sites. Customers and visitors will be offered a face covering at no cost if they don't have one. Contractors and suppliers will not be allowed onto U.S. Boeing sites without a face covering. In the event contractors or suppliers arrive without face coverings at U.S. Boeing sites, Boeing may elect to provide the contractors or suppliers with face coverings and charge the contractor/supplier, but is not obligated to do so.

Q: Does the face coverings policy apply only when inside a building, or do I need to wear a face covering in the parking lot and outdoor spaces onsite?

A: The requirement to wear a face covering applies to all areas on Boeing property, including parking lots and other outdoor areas.

Q: What happens if a supplier, contractor, customer or visitor refuses to wear a face covering while at a U.S. Boeing site?

A: The individual should be reminded that face coverings are required by Boeing for all persons onsite.  If the individual still refuses to wear a face covering or mask, they should be instructed to leave the site.