Technology, Information & Equipment

To protect Boeing information and equipment, all employees are required to follow company IT policies while telecommuting. You must have:

  • A Boeing-issued laptop or desktop computer (with appropriate manager approvals). Do not store company information on, or send it to, personal devices, email or cloud services (e.g. laptops Gmail, Dropbox, or Google Drive).
  • Home internet access; you may not use public spaces to telecommute.
  • Access the Boeing network using your SecureBadge and Connect.Boeing.Com v2 remote access services.
  • Support for IT questions related to Boeing hardware and software is available inside the Boeing network through the Enterprise Help Desk.

If you are unable to access the Boeing network, you may call (888) 469-0911 or (425) 234-0911 for support. (If you are unable to access the 800 number from a non-US location, please contact your local Boeing operator to be connected to someone who can help.)

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Telecommuting requires new and different ways of working. When colleagues are geographically separate, communication and collaboration are more important than ever. A few considerations are:

  • Set up a dedicated space that is safe and comfortable, where you can work effectively, with the equipment and internet connection you need.
  • Be prepared for virtual meetings. Consider visual and sound distractions in your environment and connect to your meetings a little earlier. With so many people on VPN, logging into WebEx may take longer than expected.
  • Stay connected and communicate with your teammates. In addition to regular meetings, schedule time to just catch up and check in.
  • Work/home life balance is important, especially during stressful times. Talk to your manager to set expectations for when you are online and available. Make time to step away, stretch, eat and take a break. Update your status in Skype to let people know you’re away, will be right back or would like not to be disturbed while you focus.

Get Coronavirus updates from Boeing on your phone

Boeing and Boeing subsidiary employees can get the latest COVID-19 coronavirus news from Boeing – immediately, wherever you are by downloading the Boeing Now app.

  • Free for personal or Boeing-provided iOS and Android devices—and available outside the Boeing firewall, the app now includes a channel devoted exclusively to company news and announcements about how the pandemic is affecting employees and the business.
  • Users can choose to receive notifications on their device whenever the company makes a significant announcement.
  • Visit the Boeing Now website for more information and to sign up.