An expeditionary UAS for challenging ground and maritime missions.


The Boeing S-100 CAMCOPTER variant, produced in partnership with Schiebel Industries, is a highly expeditionary Group 3 vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial system.


Operating Under Difficult Circumstances

It’s a difficult challenge when already operating in a difficult environment: No runway … no space for equipment … very little time or personnel to launch an unmanned asset.

From ship to shore, certain missions require extreme operational flexibility to deliver results – from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to cargo and re-supply efforts and more.

The Boeing S-100 CAMCOPTER – a rotorcraft UAS that can launch in 15 minutes even in the most rugged environments – can help solve some of the most difficult challenges.


S-100 Capabilities

  • No launch or recovery equipment required with vertical take-off and landing capability
  • Transport to launch in 15 minutes with minimal deployed footprint
  • Autonomous navigation via pre-programmed GPS waypoints or can be operated directly with a pilot control unit
  • Provides maximum operational flexibility in both day and night land and maritime environments – from remote forward-operating locations to ship operations up to Sea State 5
  • Broad range of concurrent sensor capabilities
  • Can simultaneously carry a wide variety of payloads, including a stabilized electro-optical/infrared sensor for day and night ISR collection and dissemination
  • High-definition payload imagery is transmitted to the control station in real time
  • Boeing conducts S-100 modifications at its facility in Mesa, Ariz., and offers the air vehicle and related mission systems and services to U.S. and U.K. customers under partnership with Schiebel

S-100 Performance

  • Proven system with 30,000 operational flight hours worldwide
  • Capable for a range of missions, including:
    • Tactical ISR
    • Ground forces support
    • Cargo/re-supply
    • Maritime surveillance
    • Communication relay


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