Full Spectrum of Apache Training Solutions

The Longbow Crew Trainer is the centerpiece of Boeing’s AH-64 Apache training. The high-fidelity flight simulator is used by pilots and other personnel to practice aircraft procedures and rehearse missions. The Longbow Crew Trainer is containerized and deployable, allowing in-theater training under a wide range of conditions. Boeing also provides medium-fidelity training devices such as the Apache Multi-Role Trainer and various maintenance training devices to meet the full spectrum of training needs for Apache operators worldwide.

Apache Longbow Crew Trainer Quick Facts

  • The U.S. Army employs more than 30 Longbow Crew Trainers to support helicopter operations worldwide.
  • Containerized Longbow Crew Trainers have been deployed with U.S. troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, providing training to the warfighter wherever and whenever it’s needed.
  • Boeing provides ongoing maintenance and support of AH-64 training devices, including upgrades that keep the trainers concurrent with the software and technology of the real helicopter.
  • Boeing offers a range of training for AH-64 Apache maintenance technicians and maintenance test pilots, including hardware-based training aids and interactive virtual trainers.
  • The Longbow Crew Trainer is the only high-fidelity, full-flight simulator accredited for training of Apache attack helicopter aircrews.