C-17 cockpit, pilots

C-17 Training System

Since 1992, Boeing has delivered C-17 training devices, classrooms, courseware and support to customers in the United States and around the globe.

Train The Way You Operate

Boeing provides comprehensive C-17 Globemaster III training solutions for aircrews and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training. C-17 operators can practice the complete range of tasks required for tactical military airlift operations and humanitarian missions, along with rehearsal of other scenarios such as aerial refueling and emergency procedures.

C-17 Training System Quick Facts

  • The Weapons Systems Trainer and Loadmaster Station Trainer can be used individually or networked together
  • Simulator’s support night vision goggles for comprehensive mission training
  • Featuring 225 degrees of high resolution imagery from each window
  • Customizable databases of simulated airfields, terrain and operating environments