Super Hornets on a Supercarrier

December 16, 2013 in Defense

Navy personnel aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) work around the clock to ensure the carrier is capable of doing its most important job: protecting the United States. Central to the nation’s security is the F/A-18 Super Hornet, the newest and most advanced tactical aircraft in the Navy fleet.

“I think we’re getting the job done, and the most important thing I think we do is protect our ground forces in country,” said Capt. Dan Cheever, Commander Carrier Air Wing 8.

The Super Hornet’s ability to complete a wide range of missions is critical to protecting the United States. “The Super Hornet is a great asset for the nation and our Navy,” said Cheever. “It’s what we use to project power from the strike group and protect the sea lines of communication.”

The confidence of those operating the Super Hornet on board the carrier is essential to the success of the missions.

“Since I started flying in the F/A-18, I don’t even think twice about it, the systems, the backup systems – everything - I have ultimate trust in the platform itself to get me where I need to be,” said Lt. Elizabeth Hall, Super Hornet weapons system officer.

Watch the video to hear more from the pilots and see the Super Hornet in action.