737 Max Program "LEAPs" into Engine Testing

July 11, 2014 in Commercial

Testing of the first LEAP-1B engine for the 737 MAX is currently underway in Villaroche, France. According to the engine company CFM International and Boeing officials the engine has been performing exceptionally well during the rigorous certification program.

“This first round of testing is verifying the engine’s general performance. Looking for just the early characteristics of the engine, how it operates, how it comes up to idle and how it progresses in its power lines and its overall behavior,” said Kelly Kleemeier, 737 MAX propulsion test lead.

Once this testing is complete, the next series of tests will go into specific test conditions, including cross wind testing, engine operability, icing and high temperature tests before the engine will fly for the first time on a CFM-owned 747 flying test bed early next year. 

The engine is on track for certification in early 2016 and the 737 MAX is scheduled to deliver to customers beginning in the third quarter of 2017.