Growler: Providing Critical Protection to Our Warfighters

November 05, 2014 in Defense

Electronic Attack Squadron 139 (VAQ-139) – the Cougars – is a U.S. Navy squadron currently deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Persian Gulf. With five EA-18G Growlers flying from the ship, the capabilities of the aircraft are critical to operations.

CDR Chris Hunter, executive officer of the Gauntlets of VAQ 136, commented on why Growler missions are so important in the global battle arena of today and tomorrow.

“We are the only airborne electronic attack platform that provides support for the joint warfighter and do it across the entire electromagnetic spectrum,” said Hunter. “So, because of that, we are going to be a central figure in how that joint fight is brought to our adversaries.”

The Growler provides electronic sensing and attack capability to U.S. Navy, joint and coalition forces. The flexibility of the aircraft allows it to address threats of vastly different magnitudes, whether interrupting command and control networks for enemy communications on the ground, or creating a sanctuary for allied operations in a sophisticated Integrated Air Defense System (IADS). The Growler provides essential protection for U.S. and allied forces.

Watch the video to hear more from Growler operators firsthand.