Immersed in Engineering

"Oh, my!" Boeing opens the doors to its virtual world.

March 04, 2016 in Technology, Community

In St. Louis, 60 high school students got an inside look at an F/A-18 Super Hornet without seeing an actual plane, thanks to Boeing's Immersive Development Center (IDC) that allows engineers virtual access to Boeing’s products. Engineers use the center's virtual reality equipment to test new parts and products for commercial and defense platforms.

During Engineers Week, Boeing opened the IDC to the students who were "wowed" by the technology. Watch the video to go inside Boeing’s Immersive Development Center, and a Super Hornet – virtually.

Boeing Phantom Works engineer, Sibo Chou, helps a high school student put on Oculus goggles in Boeing’s Immersive Development Center. The goggles fully immerse students in the virtual world.