Precision Path

JDAM strategy on target for growth and innovation. Go inside Boeing's JDAM facility.

June 01, 2016 in Defense

The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) has earned the name “Warfighter’s Weapon of Choice,” and a new contracting structure will give the United States Air Force ordering options for the guidance kit that are as flexible and cost effective as the weapon itself. A new “umbrella contract” gives the Air Force the ability to procure as many as 36,500 JDAM guidance kits in a single order. Boeing has delivered more than 275,000 guidance kits to its customers.

JDAM is modular and assembled in the battlefield. The Boeing-produced tail kits turn free-fall bombs into precision weapons. “The JDAM capability really is about saving lives – our warfighter, our allies and civilians on the ground,” said Tim Williams, JDAM program manager.

Derivative JDAM capabilities such as Laser JDAM, which uses GPS and designation sensors to track moving targets, can also be added or removed by operators to tackle the mission at hand.

Watch the video to see JDAM, Laser JDAM and JDAM Extended Range in action and learn more about capabilities being developed that will allow JDAM to go even farther and faster.