Spreading the F-15 Trainer Wing Span

Boeing continues support of F-15 pilot trainer capability

August 23, 2016 in Defense, Technology

For more than 20 years, Boeing has been providing and supporting the United States Air Force F-15 squadron level and distributed mission training capabilities and a new contracting agreement will extend its training and support services until 2021.

”What started as a stand-alone trainer designed to teach air-to-air intercepts only, has become a full spectrum of training devices and services,” said Galen Stanley, F-15 Training Systems program manager. “The visuals have become highly realistic where you can obscure threats and targets with mountains and clouds. What they get in the air, can now be accurately simulated in the trainer.”

Under the new contract, Boeing will provide the trainers, local maintenance and security staffing at five U.S. Air Force base locations, in addition to local scenario generation and instructor support at three of the sites.  With the latest F-15C and F-15E Mission Training Centers, high fidelity simulators mirror the latest aircraft configuration and capabilities for pilots and weapons system operators to practice navigation, weapons delivery and other dedicated tasks in a tactical theater environment.  The centers provide a place for them to hone critical skill sets and network with other trainees around the globe before climbing into the jet.

Boeing continues to provide contractor logistics support under a separate contract to F-15 Eagle operational units, including the 159th Wing of the Louisiana Air National Guard's Training Division. Check out the video to experience how the unit trains using Boeing's F-15 training systems.

An F-15 pilot participates in a training exercise using Boeing’s high-fidelity F-15C simulator equipped with the latest aircraft configurations for accurate training.