Unmanned, Unmatched, Unleashed: Boeing and Aurora join to accelerate autonomy

Boeing acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences promises to advance autonomous aviation.

November 08, 2017 in Technology

Hailing an autonomous sky taxi could one day help commuters avoid traffic snarls on the way to work. That day may come sooner than you think now that Boeing has completed its acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences.

Aurora brings to Boeing expanded expertise in autonomy, perception, machine learning, advanced flight control systems, and electric propulsion for aircraft and will help to accelerate Boeing’s autonomy strategy. The company will operate as an independent subsidiary known as Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company, benefitting from the worldwide resources and industry leadership of Boeing.

The acquisition agreement was first announced last month pending regulatory approval. With that approval now in hand, the company expects to accelerate innovative and inspirational products and services that will change the world.

Watch this video to see how Boeing and Aurora are advancing autonomy.