Real as it Gets Training

Boeing T-X simulators enhance the virtual flying experience

November 29, 2017 in Defense, Technology

This week, Boeing revealed real-as-it-gets simulation and other key features designed into its Boeing T-X advanced pilot training system offering for the U.S. Air Force T-X competition. Boeing’s Michael Pavloff, a former T-38 pilot instructor, shared details about the system’s ground based training capabilities and their value to the U.S. Air Force if Boeing is selected as the winner.

“We’ve made our ground based training system as realistic as possible,” said Pavloff. “When the student flies in the simulator it’s just like flying in the airplane.”

Pavloff highlighted benefits including air refueling training, superior graphics and a motion seat.

“We’ve also replicated a lot of the tasks that students would do in a fighter aircraft that they wouldn’t be able to do in a T-38, such training in formation or flying an intercept,” he said.

Boeing T-X is an all-new, purpose-built advanced pilot training system designed specifically for the U.S. Air Force training mission. It includes trainer aircraft, ground based training and support – designed together from the ground up. The system also provides interactive classroom lessons, computer-based training modules, adaptive training that adjusts to students’ needs, and a complete suite of instructor tools – for optimum results on the ground and in the ‘classroom in the sky.’

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The Boeing T-X ground-based training system offers an immersive environment for pilots in training to make the transition to aircraft seemless.