Engineering students visit Boeing’s low speed-wind tunnel

University students give their new electric race car a 'spin'

December 05, 2017 in Technology, Community

Members of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Electric Racing Team work alongside Boeing Test & Evaluation employees to set up and test their newest electric racecar.

Fred Troilo/Boeing

In October, the Boeing Test & Evaluation’s (BT&E) team at the company’s Low-Speed Wind Tunnel In Ridley Township, PA., hosted members of the University of Pennsylvania's “Penn Electric Racing” Team. The students wanted to conduct testing on their latest electric racer and Boeing’s wind tunnel provided the perfect solution. Working with the BT&E team, the students were able to set up and conduct their own testing using the facility, which is normally used for testing of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and other test articles.

The wind tunnel’s new turntable was integral to the testing of the car. But it was also a perfect opportunity for the BT&E team to put their new turntable to the test. The turntable was installed in October as part of ongoing facility improvements and updates.