Chinook Block II Program Moves to Final Assembly

July 09, 2018 in Defense

The first Chinook Block II engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) helicopter is now loaded in final assembly.  Boeing and representatives from the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Special Operations Forces recently celebrated the milestone.

“The CH-47F Block II represents tomorrow’s heavy lift readiness for the United States Army and her allied partners,” said Col. Greg Fortier, U.S. Army project manager for Cargo Helicopters.

The Block II program incorporates several upgrades to increase lift capability. Those upgrades include Advanced Chinook Rotor Blades, an upgraded fuselage, a new fuel system and a new drivetrain.  Overall, the aircraft will increase its payload capacity by more than 4,000lbs while also performing in higher and hotter conditions.

Ultimately, more than 500 Chinooks will return to Boeing’s Philadelphia, Pa. facility for Block II upgrades.  The series of upgrades will pave the way for the Chinook to remain operational through 2060.