T-X soars over St. Louis

Boeing's T-X makes its air show debut

July 13, 2018 in Defense

Boeing T-X flew in its first air show on July 4th at the Boeing Air Show at Fair St. Louis. The jet was the first to fly at the event as Boeing test pilots Steven “Bull” Schmidt and Ty “Grouch” Frautschi dazzled the thousands of aviation fans near the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The aircraft made a total of four passes for the crowd.

“For me it was obviously quite a thrill being able to fly the T-X past a national monument like the St. Louis Gateway Arch and in front of the home crowd. There is nothing better than that,” said Bull. “And of course the T-X performed perfectly. It is just a great jet to fly.”

Boeing T-X is an all-new, purpose-built advanced pilot training system designed specifically for the U.S. Air Force training mission. It includes trainer aircraft, ground based training and support – designed together from the ground up.

Watch the 360 video to jump inside the cockpit with Bull and Grouch on this historic flight. Learn more about Boeing T-X at or follow #NewBoeingTX on Twitter.

Watch the full 360 cockpit video here.