Cleared for takeoff…

Boeing's new RouteSync service enhances flight efficiency and safety for airlines

August 15, 2018 in Technology, Commercial

Boeing’s RouteSync service is now helping streamline the pre-flight process by saving airlines valuable time before takeoff. With the push of a few buttons, the service allows pilots to instantly upload the flight plan and performance data. By eliminating the task of manually typing in the information, pilots save between three to five minutes on domestic flights and up to 15 minutes for international travel.

“RouteSync saves me somewhere between five and ten minutes on a long flight,” said Frank Mannaerts, who pilots a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. “It just gives me so much more time to interact with the passengers and speed up the boarding process to ensure an on-time departure.”

KLM partnered with Boeing to trial the new service. Over a six-week period, RouteSync was used to uplink 4,021 flight plans. In total, it saved the airline between 200 and 335 hours.

The service will upload the flight route, weather conditions and other performance data into the Flight Management System. RouteSync includes new features like route validation. It will also insert or remove discontinuities in the flight plan. If there’s an error, the service won’t upload the information and will send an advisory to the pilot and the airline.

The service is available for Boeing planes and other commercial aircraft.