Boeing T-X is Ready for Training

Boeing T-X is the right choice for the U.S. Air Force Training Mission. Meet the people who helped make it possible.

August 20, 2018 in Defense

The U.S. Air Force will announce a winner in its T-X Advanced Pilot Training System competition this summer, and Boeing’s T-X team is ready.

“This is an exciting time,” said Ted Torgerson, T-X senior director. “Only our (Boeing) T-X is built specifically for the U.S. Air Force. Our new, flexible design meets all requirements and can evolve as technologies, missions and training needs change.”

Boeing designed, built and flew the first T-X in only 36 months. “We built a special culture here with T-X. Our team dedicated a lot of time and talent to it, and we have already accomplished incredible things. I’m proud to be a member of this team,” added Torgerson.

Boeing’s T-X team shares a common view of the program and each other.

“Collectively we’ve worked hard and have been dedicated to developing new techniques and shaping new ideas for the common goal of delivering a new T-X aircraft and ground-based training system that will help train the next generation of pilots,” said Jim Robinson, T-X ground based training systems lead engineer.

A Boeing T-X win will support 17,000 U.S. jobs in 34 states.

Watch the video above to hear from members of the Boeing T-X team. For more information about Boeing T-X, click here. For a 360 flying experience, click here.

Boeing T-X soars above the St. Louis arch during the 2018 Fair St. Louis Boeing Air Show.