Put to the Test: The Advanced F-15 is ready for the fight

Test team proves out new capabilities of the Advanced F-15

January 31, 2019 in Defense

A combined U.S. Air Force and Boeing flight test team just wrapped up nearly five years of rigorous testing on the Advanced F-15.  They tested the aircraft’s systems and flight controls in Palmdale, Calif. More than 15,000 test points were covered to assure safety, quality and performance.

“Take my word, it’s not your father’s F-15,” said Matt Giese, Boeing Test & Evaluation chief F-15 test pilot. “This jet has capabilities like we’ve never seen before.”

Capabilities like a fly-by-wire control system for greater maneuverability and angles of attack; arguably the world’s fastest fighter mission computer able to process 87-billion instructions per second; and expanded weapons carriage that can bring up to 12 missiles and assorted munitions on a single aircraft into the fight.

"Integrating advanced technologies has made this unbeaten platform contemporary and future ready,” said Prat Kumar, vice president and program manager, Boeing F-15 programs. “The Advanced F-15 remains ahead of threats now and into the future making the Eagle an enduring attack air platform.”