President & CEO David Calhoun's email to employees

January 13, 2020 in Our People

The following email was sent to all Boeing employees on Monday, Jan. 13.

My promise to you

Let's work together to change our company for the better.


It’s an honor to join this team and to help shape Boeing’s future with you.

This company has a tremendous legacy of aerospace achievement, thanks to your efforts and the contributions of generations before you. I honor that legacy, and I appreciate your tireless commitment. I also recognize the learnings – many of them painful – from the experiences of the last 18 months that you are bringing to the way we do business.

This is a crucial time for Boeing. We have work to do to uphold our values and to build on our strengths. I see greatness in this company, but I also see opportunities to be better. Much better. That includes engaging one another and our stakeholders with greater transparency, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of safety and quality, and incorporating outside-in perspective on what we do and how we do it.

In my first few days and weeks as president and CEO, I will be listening closely to you, our customers, our partners and our regulators to ensure we understand the expectations of our stakeholders and are on a path to meeting them. In doing so, we’ll become stronger as a company and as an industry.

To that end, I’ll count on your support on these initial priorities for 2020:

  • Return the 737 MAX to service safely: This must be our primary focus. This includes following the lead of our regulators and working with them to ensure they’re satisfied completely with the airplane and our work, so that we can continue to meet our customer commitments. We’ll get it done, and we’ll get it done right.
  • Rebuild trust: Many of our stakeholders are rightly disappointed in us, and it’s our job to repair these vital relationships. We’ll do so through a recommitment to transparency and by meeting and exceeding their expectations. We will listen, seek feedback, and respond — appropriately, urgently and respectfully.
  • Focus on our values: Every day we will commit to our shared values while further strengthening our culture. Your voice is important in this. We will foster an inclusive environment that embraces oversight and accountability and puts safety, quality and integrity above all else.
  • Operate with excellence: Operational Excellence is how we work together to deliver safe products and services to our customers, while continuously improving our quality metrics. This requires a focused approach and we will all need to find any opportunities for simplification to ensure we are dedicated to what matters most. All of us are accountable for it.
  • Maintain production health: We’ll keep taking steps to maintain our supply chain and workforce expertise so we’re ready to restart production and increase rate safely, smartly and with the highest standards of quality.
  • Invest in our future: Our markets are growing, customer demand is evolving, the competition is increasing and technology is advancing at a pace we’ve never seen before. Boeing must keep innovating to succeed. We’ll continue to invest in our global workforce and new processes and technologies that will help us become safer and more efficient as we define the future of aerospace. This work includes preparing for the first CST-100 Starliner crewed mission, first flights of the 777X and 737 MAX 10, further growth of our Global Services business and finalization of our Embraer partnership.

This is our path forward, and I’m excited to be part of it with you. My sleeves are rolled up. I know yours are, too.