Boeing Guidance Repair Center recognized by Air Force

April 06, 2021 in Defense

Boeing technicians inspect various elements of the intercontinental ballistic missile guidance system at the Boeing Guidance Repair Center in Heath, Ohio. This photo was taken before Boeing implemented COVID-19 pandemic safeguards.


The Boeing Guidance Repair Center was given an evaluation rating of 100% by the U.S. Air Force for “excellent” intercontinental ballistic missile guidance and navigation repair work. Their efforts led to increased availability and reliability of critical guidance systems for the land-based strategic deterrent.

Throughout fiscal year 2020, the team’s efforts led to a record number of operational guidance systems in inventory, shortened repair processes, reduction in field maintenance, improved diagnostics, critical issue prevention and key process improvements – despite working amid physical distancing and other health and safety measures.

“[Boeing’s] pledge to maintain a safe and effective repair program continues to be exceptional in both concept and practice,” cited a letter from the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center’s Minuteman III Systems Directorate. In addition, the Air Force recognized Boeing’s “timely, quality expertise in support of the warfighter.”

Located in Heath, Ohio, the Boeing Guidance Repair Center is responsible for maintaining the readiness and modernization of guidance and navigation systems for U.S. nuclear-capable platforms, as well as aircraft guidance and control systems, electronics and radio frequency systems, and platform processors.

“Our people are the key,” said site leader Mike Murasky. “The attitude and aptitude of our teammates supporting the nation’s ICBM force makes results like this possible. They understand the importance of the system to our national defense and the needs of our customer for a high-quality, dependable product.”

The site’s specialized workforce and unique stability and inertial calibration capabilities deliver unparalleled quality and precision in sustaining guidance systems. The current Boeing-developed intercontinental ballistic missile guidance system has logged more than 40 million hours of continuous operation in support of the critical mission of strategic deterrence.