“I feel prepared to do anything right now.” How a Boeing internship sets up students for success

Boeing intern Chris Cruz learned about maintaining important tools

September 17, 2021 in Our People

Chris Cruz learned the value of a tooling internship while working with Boeing’s highly skilled professionals. Boeing Tooling interns, like Cruz, learn about the role of Tool Makers at Boeing – who build, maintain and repair tooling that is fabricated from all types of materials. “We’re doing a couple of projects that involve high gauges, drilling, installing bushings and dowel pins. These projects are just like the work we do in the school workshop but at a deeper and more experienced level.”

Cruz is a graduate of Rainier Beach High School and the Boeing-supported Core Plus Aerospace and advanced manufacturing program at Seattle Skills Center. Like many students, he did not have many opportunities for in-person, hands-on learning this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting more hands-on experience was an important step for Cruz in his career. He now recommends his peers apply to the program too. “Definitely apply for this internship; it’s really helpful even if you’re not sure what you want to do, this would open your mind to other possibilities.”

Cruz says of his time at Boeing, “It really prepares you for your future career because they really go in depth on how to read blueprints, and guide you through each step.” The skills and knowledge gained from working with Boeing experts will help Cruz be more prepared for his future. “I feel like my skills have grown and I just know more about it in general and I feel prepared to do anything right now.”

By Carolyn Gatlin and Eric Olson