Boeing brings aspiring future pilot to the mound in celebration of kids and an exceptional Mariners season

First pitcher Megan Cisneros got to throw out the first pitch during Boeing’s Kids Appreciation Day, the last Seattle Mariners game of the season.

October 05, 2021 in Our Community

Megan Cisneros with the Mariner Moose at the final game of the season.

Mariners photo

The Seattle Mariners held a captivating playoff push that, darn!, ended with Sunday’s loss to the Anaheim Angels. For 13-year-old Megan Cisneros, the game brought a double dose of excitement. The last game of the season was also the Boeing-sponsored Kids Appreciation Day. Boeing invited Megan to throw out the first pitch to represent Boeing’s partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Washington (GSWW).

“I was so excited and honored when I was chosen to throw the first pitch,” said Megan. “It was so huge considering I grew up loving the Mariners.”

Boeing’s partnership with the GSWW makes good sense, as the Girl Scouts empower girls like Megan in STEM. STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math; fields where men vastly outnumber women. 

Megan, a freshman at Archbishop Murphy High School, is a Senior Girl Scout.

She participates in GSWW’s Boeing-funded aviation program, which aims to inspire young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and increase the number of women in aviation and aerospace careers. In fact, she aspires to fly jets for the U.S. Air Force someday, making her the perfect choice to throw out the first pitch on behalf of Boeing.

“To me, there were many things that sparked my interest in flying,” said Megan. “I really hope I can pursue this passion in the future.”

Aside from her interest in aviation, Megan also happens to be a super-seller of Girl Scout Cookies. It turns out one of the keys to selling all those cookies lies in the power of persuasion!

 “For one, don't back away when people say no, give them a reason to say yes,” she said.

Good advice, Megan! Congratulations on throwing out the first pitch and congratulations to the Mariners on an exceptional season.