Chinook Block II moves a step closer to delivery

Modernization efforts of the heavy-lift helicopter are officially underway for the U.S. Army.

April 04, 2023 in Defense

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The CH-47F Chinook Block II recently reached a significant milestone, as it moved to the production phase for the U.S. Army’s Lot 1 order.

Boeing’s H-47 Chinook Block II is powered by cutting-edge technologies, including redesigned fuel tanks, a strengthened fuselage and an improved drivetrain, which enables the warfighter to meet tomorrow’s heavy-lift mission requirements and positions the Chinook for additional future upgrades.

The Army’s order involves a process known as induction, a cost-effective means of tearing down a Block I Chinook to leverage reusable parts. The Army is able to reuse components from Block I aircraft and combine them with new technologies in Block II to meet their new modernization requirements, saving time and money.

The aft pylon on top of the Chinook has been removed as the first stage of the induction proces

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“Thanks to the large inventory and durability of Chinook aircraft, the Army is able to start their modernization efforts at an affordable price, without sacrificing current mission readiness,” said Heather McBryan, director of Business Development for Boeing Cargo Helicopters and Future Vertical Lift programs. “The Chinook remains the preeminent cargo helicopter and these improvements in technology add the necessary capabilities to keep the aircraft operational through 2060 and beyond.”

Induction is taking place right around the corner from the Boeing Philadelphia site in Wilmington, Delaware, at Summit Aviation — one of more than 360 suppliers and partners that support Chinook production. The first aircraft is now in the induction process, which on average takes 20 days. Once the teardown of the aircraft is complete, select aircraft parts will return to Boeing and Team Chinook suppliers for restoration and progress to the next stage of production. Deliveries to the U.S. Army are expected to begin in 2023.

Members of Team Boeing were on-site at Summit Aviation to witness the arrival of the first Block I Chinook to be inducted

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Chinook Block II production will continue to leverage and strengthen the manufacturing base, which will guarantee timely support to both the production line and to soldiers in the field. The H-47 Chinook program supports more than 20,000 jobs in 40 states, and is relied on by the U.S. Army and 19 other countries around the globe.