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Meet some of the many technical experts at Boeing who are making the impossible possible.

Code of Honor
Boeing’s Engineering Code is a foundational doctrine that unites its worldwide technical staff. In this collection of profiles, seven Boeing engineers explain in their words what the Code means to them.

Other People stories
Greg Hyslop, the chief technology officer of Boeing, answers questions about engineering quality, rigorous testing, and the company’s efforts to return the Boeing 737 MAX to flight.

    Technical Articles

    IQ’s content includes articles from the Boeing Technical Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical for Boeing subject-matter-experts to capture and leverage knowledge. Research coverage includes all manner of commercial and defense product development, as well as products and services spanning land and sea, to air and space, and through cyberspace.

    While the expansive BTJ archive remains exclusive to Boeing employees, IQ offers selected articles to all readers; these articles are indicated with a “BTJ” heading.

    BTJ: Check the List

    BTJ: Check the List

    This article is an encore publication about a paper on the important role of checklists in aviation safety.

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    BTJ: Process Improvement

    BTJ: Process Improvement

    This paper looks at Boeing’s work on more effectively finding the process window for thermoplastic composites.

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    On Target

    On Target

    The U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Boeing conducted a successful Ground-based Midcourse Defense system test.

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    Sustainability at Home

    Sustainability at Home

    Boeing has facilitated the development of sustainable aviation fuels, which can help aviation reduce its carbon footprint.

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    Batteries Included

    Batteries Included

    A Boeing engineer recounts watching astronauts install and activate batteries outside the International Space Station.

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    Patent Spotlight

    Patent Spotlight

    Here’s a look at a few of Boeing’s many latest ideas and technical breakthroughs recently granted or published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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    Thought Leadership

    Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing chairman, president and chief executive officer

    Committed to Excellence
    For more than 100 years, the people of Boeing have embraced big goals and tackled tough challenges to change the future of aerospace, says Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing chairman, president and chief executive officer.

    Other Thought Leadership Columns

    Safety Always
    Beth Pasztor, vice president of Safety, Security and Compliance for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, writes about the culture of safety inherent in Boeing and the aviation industry.

    Global Challenge
    Boeing HorizonX conducted an innovation challenge in India, a nation with a strong entrepreneurial economy.

      Technology Radar

      West Lafayette, Indiana

      Scientists at Purdue University have engineered an automated T-valve that lets firefighting robots move faster in and around a burning structure.

      Small Valve Helps Firefighting Robots

      New York City, New York

      Combining deep learning with speech synthesis technologies, Columbia University researchers have devised a neuroprosthetic interface that translates brain patterns into intelligible speech.

      From Brain Wave to Speech

      Surrey, United Kingdom

      The Surrey Space Centre has successfully tested a satellite that gathers space junk before it self-destructs in Earth’s atmosphere—and leaves no mess behind.

      Clean Up Your Space

      Berlin, Germany

      A new antimicrobial coating developed by German researchers has dramatically reduced bacteria on the International Space Station, potentially protecting astronauts from superbugs.

      Superbugs in Outer Space, Be Gone

      Tsukuba, Japan

      Collaboration among material scientists, biologists and chemists will unlock the future of materials invention with bio-inspired self-assembling nanoarchitectonics, according to a paper by researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science.

      The Future of Materials

      University Park, Pennsylvania

      Applying asymmetrical microtexturing on surfaces—an idea inspired by fireflies—improves light extraction, which could bolster the efficiency of LED lights, according to Penn State researchers.

      Firefly Light

      Nashville, Tennessee

      A lightweight, low-profile exoskeleton ankle device invented by Vanderbilt engineers could help a broad range of users, including the elderly.

      Ankle Exoskeleton Nashville, Tennesse

      Los Angeles, California

      Applied research at UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering has led to a way to weld a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy by infusing titanium carbide nanoparticles.

      Weld the Unweldable

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