Inventions that change the world, over and over again

Greg Hyslop

Greg Hyslop, Boeing Chief Engineer

What’s the difference between technology and innovation? Technology may be impressive, but innovation creates value by solving a problem. This distinction has motivated generations of innovators at Boeing to put their sweat equity into innovations that improve people’s lives.

The closing passage of the Engineering Code reads: “I am a steward of Boeing’s technical heritage and lineage, and I apply, share, protect, and build upon this foundation by embracing change and competition, learning from failure, and striving to continuously innovate and improve. I am proud to know that my work changes the world.”

Those words aptly describe the innovators featured in this edition of Innovation Quarterly — people whose creativity and commitment to excellence are changing the world.  They make the world a better place for our customers, our teammates and the billions of people who place their trust in Boeing each day.

Prolific inventors like Gary Georgeson, Marc Matsen and Jeff Hunt (profiled here) are amazing not for the raw number of patents, but instead because of the value they have created for teammates and customers.

Every innovator in these pages shares that passion to innovate. Thanks to their entrepreneurial mindset, collaborative spirit and commitment to technical excellence, these innovators bring to life our Boeing mission to connect, protect, explore and inspire the world through aerospace innovation. They generate value for our customers by both achieving technical breakthroughs and replicating them. They make us more competitive and help us win in the marketplace.

The future we see improves lives in ways we are only just now beginning to imagine. Our teammates featured in this edition, and those who will follow them, will make this future a reality, building on our legacy of safety, quality and integrity.