Recovery of Stability

Together we stand strong

November 16, 2021 in Innovation, Technology

By Lynne Hopper, Vice President, Engineering Strategy & Operations


Whether walking down the street or flying thousands of feet in the air, stability is an innate human desire. And our collective stability has been shaken recently, for sure. To thrive, we need to feel secure, solid, safe.

But on the horizon, recovery is ahead. That sense of stability appears on every page of the latest edition of Innovation Quarterly.

Our engineering teams leverage their expertise to help defend and protect the stability of the very world in which we live. A first-of-its-kind uncrewed aircraft known as Loyal Wingman is making aerospace history in the middle of the Outback. It will complement and extend air combat and other missions.

And the latest and greatest in the history of a legendary fighter, the F-15EX Eagle II is a paragon of digital design. The team follows a digital thread to more efficiently create an even better jet.

Humankind’s journeys to the moon could be key to improving life on Earth. By exploring and utilizing what’s out there, life gets better down here.

And life is better on the factory floor where the Apache helicopter is made. Thanks to the ingenuity of the team, hearing safety is greatly improved by an invention originally crafted from repurposed materials found on-site.

We will be tested. Our footing may waver. But together, we stand strong.

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