The power of purpose

Why we do what we do

May 17, 2022 in Innovation, Technology

By Marc Allen, Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development


Purpose animates. It motivates. It inspires. Importantly, it fills in the “why” of what we do, and it keeps us on track when we have hard decisions to make. At Boeing, we share an extraordinary purpose: to protect, connect and explore our world and beyond. This amazing “why” for all the work we do each day leaps off every page of this edition of Innovation Quarterly.

The cover story invites us along on a journey through time, as it appears from an airplane seat. We consider the experiences of the millions of passengers who rely on our airplanes to safely connect with family, friends, customers and associates all across the world.

The MQ-25 team invites us aboard an aircraft carrier to demonstrate the autonomous future that lies ahead for the U.S. Navy’s carrier air refueling wing.

A flight test conductor, a software engineer and a former watchmaker turned aerospace artisan share their enthusiasm for “Why Boeing,” reminding us how very personal purpose is.

Guiding our 50,000-strong engineering team, Boeing’s Chief Engineer gives his views on leadership, transparency and inclusion — and our commitment to engineering excellence.

Above everything is safety. We delve into the critical role safety analytics plays, enabling us to discover issues before they become incidents. And we look at new technologies improving workplace safety.

What powerful reminders of why we do what we do. Enjoy the issue!

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