The right steps in the right time

November 03, 2022 in Innovation, Technology

By Howard McKenzie, Vice President and Chief Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Progress is a fascinating word. One can make progress, accomplishing what you set out to do, with an eye on the past. One can also progress, moving in a direction of growth, focusing on the future.

We know the importance of doing both at Boeing. Achieving what we said we would do, coupled with forward momentum, is vital to our success. Progress appears on every page of this edition of Innovation Quarterly.

Our cover story chronicles the recent journey of the 787 Dreamliner — an example of the exacting level of precision our engineering designs require every day. We invite readers to discover how we identify and solve an issue as we continue to provide the airplane’s industry-leading technology.

In this issue, our photographers capture a moment in time when an EA-18G Growler arrives on an aircraft carrier in the moonlight.

We also delve into two new digital capabilities being tested on the 2022 Boeing ecoDemonstrator. With safety and sustainability in mind, these taxiing solutions in the flight deck can increase pilot situational awareness and decrease turnaround times, saving fuel.

So as we mark our progress, we very much progress into the future. We invite you to join the journey.

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